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Whole-House Generator Services in Fort Wayne, IN

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Modern homes depend on electricity for many critical systems, from heating and air conditioning equipment to refrigerators, stoves, computers and medical equipment. When the power goes out due to a storm or an accident, your home may become uncomfortably hot or cold, pipes may freeze, sump pumps may fail to operate, and kitchen appliances may not operate, including refrigerators and freezers. Not only can outages be costly but they can be dangerous, especially during the coldest parts of the winter.

A whole-house standby generator is a great option to protect your family and home during an outage. Fueled by natural gas or propane, it can automatically turn on when power is lost and shut down when it returns. At “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air, we sell, install, repair, maintain, and service whole-house generators from our partners at Generac® and Honeywell®.

Offering the latest technology and features, Generac® and Honeywell® generators provide reliable, consistent power during an outage, keeping your family comfortable and safe whether it lasts a few hours or a few days.

Our team offers complete generator services to provide power to your Fort Wayne, IN home 24/7. With 75 years of experience, you can count on us for all your heating, cooling, and home generator needs!

Generator Repair

Our generator service team also offers complete maintenance and repair services for Generac® and Honeywell® generators, ensuring that your system is ready when you need it.

Our technicians are manufacturer-trained and highly experienced, allowing us to offer:

  • Comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnosis services
  • Routine maintenance according to manufacturer specifications
  • Manufacturer-approved repairs with genuine parts
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Generator Installation

At “Doc” Dancer, we sell and install standby generators from Generac® and Honeywell®, two of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our experts can help you determine which model will best fit your needs, and we can provide a professional, high-quality generator installation.

We offer Generac® and Honeywell® generators, which feature:

  • Output capacities from 9 to 22 kilowatts
  • Available 8-circuit, 16-circuit, or whole-house transfer switches
  • Automatic operation
  • 24/7 manufacturer support
  • Optional WiFi or mobile monitoring
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Generator Maintenance

Most of us forget about home generators until some sort of weather or accident knocks out the power. A home generator in your Fort Wayne, IN home will protect you from power outage damage and loss, such as spoiled freezer food, flood basements due to a sump pump not being powered, medical issues from no AC, or not being able to work remotely due to technology not being powered. You may not use your generator frequently, which means you should have generator maintenance at least once a year to make sure the home generator will work when you need it most.

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