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Generator Maintenance in Fort Wayne, IN

Most of us forget about home generators until some sort of weather or accident knocks out the power. A home generator in your Fort Wayne home will protect you from power outage damage and loss such as spoiled freezer food, flooded basements due to a sump pump not being powered, medical issues from no AC, or not being able to work remotely due to technology not being powered. You may not use your generator frequently, which means you should have generator maintenance at least once a year to make sure the home generator will work when you need it most.

“Doc” Dancer Heating & Air has been providing generator maintenance in the Fort Wayne, IN area for over 25 years. We know inconvenient a power outage can be, as well as the damage a power outage can cause.

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Home Generator Service in Fort Wayne

If you already have a whole-house generator, you know the frustration that occurs if your generator won’t start after a power outage. Avoid the frustration and damage that results from a non-working generator by remembering annual generator maintenance.

Having your home generator serviced at your Fort Wayne home might seem unnecessary, but a mechanical engine like that in a generator needs annual maintenance, just like your car! Because home generators are not used frequently, people tend to forget about their generator… Out of sight, out of mind!

To learn more about our home generator services in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, contact us today.

What’s Included With Home Generator Maintenance in Fort Wayne

Home generator maintenance is a service that typically needs done only once a year. The maintenance tech will:

  • Change the oil
  • Look at all the mechanical parts
  • Change the oil filter
  • Change the air filter
  • Change the spark plug
  • Test system operation

If there are any repairs that need to be done, we will get them taken care of for you immediately.

Need home generator maintenance in Fort Wayne, IN? Contact “Doc” Dancer today to make sure you’re ready for the next power outage!

Schedule Generator Maintenance in Fort Wayne, IN & Surrounding Areas

It’s important to make sure your house generator works before you need it. A generator can be used to power just the essentials in your home, or your entire home. “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air can help install your generator for the power needs you choose. We want to keep your family comfortable and safe when the power goes out. We do repairs and maintenance to keep your generator in working order and alert you to any potential issues.

Schedule your home generator service in Fort Wayne, IN today by calling (260) 250-2981 or contacting “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air online!