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Fort Wayne Generator Installation

Power outages can be a major inconvenience, especially since most of a home’s critical systems depend on electricity to operate, from heating and air conditioning systems to refrigerators, computers, cell phones, and any electrical appliances you might have. One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe and comfortable during an extended power outage is to get a generator installation in your Ft. Wayne, IN or surrounding area home.

Designed to power a few critical circuits, or the entire home, backup generators can provide the electricity you need for your appliances like furnaces, air conditioners, and refrigerators to run, as well as critical medical devices like oxygen machines or hospital beds. At “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air, we carry whole-home generators from Generac® and Honeywell®, two of the leading manufacturers in the industry, and we provide cost-effective, professional generator installation throughout the Fort Wayne area, including Columbia City, Huntington, Roanoke, and the surrounding communities. In addition to generator installations, we also offer complete heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services.

Don’t let a power outage ruin your day! Call (260) 250-2981 or contact “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air online to schedule your generator installation in Ft. Wayne, IN or the surrounding area today!

Why Install a Whole-House Generator?

Between heavy thunderstorms in the summer, ice and snow accumulations in the winter, and everyday accidents or maintenance problems, power outages are not unheard of in the Fort Wayne area. A backup generator can give your family peace of mind while making your home more comfortable during a power loss. Other benefits a backup generator can provide during a power outage include:

  • Keeping your HVAC system running and your home comfortable
  • Keeping your food at safe temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer
  • Powering medical devices like oxygen machines, CPAPs, hospital beds, and monitoring equipment
  • Providing electricity to power electric stoves, microwaves, and other cooking appliances
  • Powering radios, computers and televisions to receive emergency alerts, weather updates, and more
  • Preventing pipes from freezing or basements from flooding due to inoperable heating systems or sump pumps

If your area suffers from frequent power outages, a backup generator can be a great investment.

Whole-house generators mean you won’t need to worry if power goes out while you’re gone for the weekend! It’s better to be prepared, so call “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air at (260) 250-2981 for your generator installation in Fort Wayne, IN today!

Backup Generator Installations in Ft. Wayne, IN

At “Doc” Dancer, we offer easy-to-use, high-performance backup generators from Generac® and Honeywell®, with sizes that range from 9 kilowatts of output for critical circuits to 22 kilowatts for whole-home use. They feature automatic operation once a power loss is detected, 24/7 manufacturer support, and optional Wi-Fi or mobile monitoring. We provide complete, professional generator installation in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas for our Generac® systems. Not only do we install the generator in your home, we also:

  • Calculate your electricity needs
  • Select the best model for your home
  • Securely set and install the generator
  • Connect the natural gas and electrical lines
  • Install an 8-circuit, 16-circuit, or whole-home automatic transfer switch
  • Test the system and explain its operation

We also offer generator repair and maintenance services to keep your system reliable and ready when you need it.

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Schedule a Backup Generator Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

If you would like to make sure your home has reliable power regardless of the weather or the response time of your utility company, trust our team at “Doc” Dancer for a quality Generac backup generator installation. We have been installing generators in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas for over 75 years. A whole home generator can ensure you don’t suffer from the effects of a power outage. We are here to help you keep your family safe, comfortable, and protected!

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