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Geothermal Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, IN Geothermal Installation Services

When you’re looking for a way to save money on energy bills while also lowering your impact on the environment, the best solution for your Fort Wayne, Indiana home might be right under your feet, beneath the ground. You see, the earth stores as much as 50% of the sun’s energy below the surface. That temperature remains constant throughout the year, ranging between 55 and 80 degrees, depending on your location. A geothermal heat pump uses this energy to heat and cool your home. If you’re interested in geothermal installation in Fort Wayne, IN, talk to the experienced team at Doc Dancer to learn more.

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Geothermal Heating & Cooling Explained

Geothermal installation utilizes natural heat stored underground to keep your home comfortable all year long. These innovative systems are made up of three basic components, including:

  • A system of ground loops that are filled with a liquid refrigerant
  • A heat pump that’s typically located inside the home
  • A forced air system, radiant hydronic floor heating system, or both

During the cold season, a geothermal system takes heat out of the ground and delivers it to the heat pump for distribution throughout the home. And in the summer months, the system removes hot air from your home and passes it through the geo loop for cooling.

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Benefits of Geothermal Heating & Cooling

There are loads of advantages associated with having a geothermal heat pump system installed instead of a traditional combination system of an air conditioner and a furnace. You should understand that the initial investment in a geothermal system is greater than a traditional gas furnace system, but the long-term savings will more than make up for the expenditure. Geothermal ground loops can be laid in a variety of patterns depending on the size of your yard. However, in order to install the loops, digging must be done, and you may need to pay to have your landscaping repaired following the installation.

Highly Reliable & Long Service Life

Modern geothermal heating and cooling systems are extremely reliable, and with proper routine maintenance, they can last much longer than a traditional split HVAC system. In fact, they commonly last for as long as 25 years, and ground loops can last for 50 years or more. That’s much longer than the expected service life of a traditional HVAC system.

Incredible Efficiency

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are up to 50% more efficient than conventional HVAC arrangements. This means you’re going to save a lot of money on your utility bills. In fact, a geothermal system will produce between $3 and $4 of heating and cooling energy for about $1 of electricity.

Lowered Emissions

Gas furnaces operate by burning fossil fuels, like propane, natural gas, or oil. Comparatively, geothermal systems do not burn fossil fuels, and they do not produce any hazardous emissions. This makes them environmentally friendly, meaning you’ll likely qualify for valuable tax rebates.

Quiet Operation

If you have extra sensitive hearing, a geothermal system might be perfect for your home. These natural heating systems operate so quietly that you’ll have to strain to hear them. You’ll be enveloped in constant comfort without any bothersome noise.

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Doc Dancer Provides Reliable Geothermal Services

The constantly trained HVAC experts at Doc Dancer Heating & Air have been proudly serving the Fort Wayne, Indiana area for more than 75 years! We are a large enough company to offer all of the resources needed to provide the best geothermal installation, maintenance, and repair services. If there ever seems to be a problem with your geothermal system, you can continue to rely on us for quality repairs and service.

When you are interested in investing in a geothermal system for your Fort Wayne area home, Doc Dancer can help by providing you with a comprehensive estimate. We will need to survey your property, determine the layout for the ground loop system, and find a spot in your home for the indoor units. Our thorough process and attention to detail will ensure that your system will work effectively and provide you with an all-seasons HVAC system that will last a lifetime.

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Trust Doc Dancer for Geothermal Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

Give our friendly, helpful team a call today. We will work with you so that you fully understand our geothermal installation process. We’ll answer your questions and keep you in the know about every step of the process. Every team member at Doc Dancer is 100% dedicated to every customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Contact us now, and let us demonstrate why we’re a household name in Fort Wayne.

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